Anonymous asked: How many Niley facts/moments do we have in 2014? Or, in your opinion, how many we have. (Except that fact happened in Italy, on the 8th June)


Not many, if any really. Most things are just speculated crap tbh.

  • Miley tweeted that she was watching “Camp Rock” on February 27.
  • In February, they both tweeted about the number of followers they had within like five minutes of each other (although this is probably just a coincidence) 
  • In March, Miley said “I’ve been here before with another artist” during her Dallas concert (talking about the time she performed BTS with the Jonas Brothers)
  • Miley covered “Ruler of my Heart,” a song that she tweeted about on Niley Day 2012.
  • She covered “Summertime Sadness,” which Nick has also covered in the past.
  • Miley covered “Landslide,” which has lyrics that could be related to Nick.
  • Depending on whether or not you think any Bangerz songs are about Nick, she’s been singing those regularly on tour. 
  • Someone mentioned Miley to Joe & Kevin during the Off The Record tour (but obviously Nick wasn’t there) 
  • Niley trended on twitter two days ago.
  • In April (just before the anniversary of the ‘09 lunch date), she sang “Someone Else” to an alien on stage (aliens and stuff are often considered a niley thing)
  • And then there was the June 8 thing

Other than that, there really isn’t much that I can think of? She’s been constantly touring or been sick most of the year. He’s been working and keeping quiet with Olivia for the most part. Everything that’s happened has been subtle, but I think the games are far from over tbh. 


She warned us too long ago. And I still love her.

I love my Niley family

8 years later & I still hope that Nick & Miley will falling in love w/ each other again. 
true love never ends
Remember when Nick signed the Miley’s book Miles To Go. <3

"…and I’ll love you always"
idk what time it’s in your country but I want y’all to help me to trend “#HappyNileyDay” on twitter because we still love them even eight years after & because we still remember the simple things♡ 
do you hear me cry? I think you do.

I have nothing to say. All I know is that I miss them, and I’m broken without them. They are the piece that I need.

You know, when two people are meant to be, and have two voices that connect perfectly, that love should last forever. 
I will wait until the end of my days, but I want another Niley duet & I want it with all of my heart.
The Teen Choice Awards are ALWAYS the greatest.